Pre-Press Art Development

Pre-Press Technology for Labels

Pre-Press Department for Labels

To make sure your custom labels look their best and match your designs, Grand Rapids Label employs a full-time pre-press team. As our "art department," the pre-press team will work with your drawings, designs, or existing labels and optimize them for perfect color and dimensions, and will round out any "rough edges" that may prove difficult to accurately reproduce via our printing processes. Our pre-press team is passionate about making your labels look good!

Turning Your Designs Into Picture-Perfect Labels

Please note that our pre-press team does not offer graphic design services—that is, they don't develop label designs or logos from scratch. Instead, they will work with your designs and graphics, and modify or enhance them for better reproducibility through our label printing technology. They can work with your sketches, digital design files, or current label designs, and will ensure that all the colors match, that the dimensions are correct for your label geometry and your product containers, and that all other aspects of your design are on point.

With decades of experience as custom label printers, we have seen time and again how important it is to get the look and feel of a label right the first time. For many of our customers, their product labels are a critical part of their branding and marketing efforts. Those labels provide instant recognition for consumers, and if the colors are off or the images are blurry or askew, consumers may pass those products by without a glance. Accurately reproducing your label designs, each and every time, can make the difference between a sale and a product gathering dust on a retail shelf. We know that getting a label to look just right can be difficult and time consuming—but it's time and effort well spent!

Advanced Pre-Press Technology for Reliable Label Reproduction

Our pre-press department is fully equipped with cutting-edge design software and equipment that helps our team ensure the quality and accuracy of your label designs. Some highlights of our pre-press technology include:

  • Latest Adobe CS Suite, InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator software
  • CAD file translation via Adobe Illustrator
  • Printing plates produced onsite
  • Direct-to-plate (no film) printing with Esko CDI Spark
  • High definition plate capability (up to 4,000 lpi)
  • Color management via X-Rite Exact and Esko CM
  • Expanded digital color gamut capability for 4CP
  • SpotOn! Flexo technology for optimum color reproduction and density
  • Camera-based plate mounting system for accuracy
  • Hybrid software solutions to automate and simplify proof development and approval

Contact Us for Custom Labels with Consistently Perfect Graphics

Our dedicated, in-house pre-press department will ensure that your labels match your graphic designs, with the bold colors and perfect lines you need. Request a quote on your custom label project, or contact Grand Rapids Label to learn more.