At GRLabel, we make it right, guaranteed.

At GRLabel,
we make it right,

Custom Solutions and Systems to Meet Your Label Engineering, Development, and Printing Needs

Gran Rapids LabelAt Grand Rapids Label, we’re known for our exceptional quality labels that exceed the exacting requirements of our customers. Whether its investing in new technology, researching new adhesives, or building custom machinery, we are always going above and beyond to exceed expectations. Not only do we produce custom labels for the most challenging applications, but we are an engineering and development company, holding nearly 20 patents.
We specialize in Flexographic Printing, Digital Printing, Automotive Labels and Tags, Food & Beverage Labels, Consumer Product Labels, Bar Codes, QR Codes, Custom Coating, Custom Adhesives, Thermal Transfer, Label Appplicators, Label Machinery, Labeling Innovations, Research and Development, Health & Beauty Labels, and more.
Protecting the environment is extremely important to our company. We strive to continually improve the environmental standards in the industry. We were a key contributor to creating the official standards for TLMI’s Label Initiative for the Environment (L.I.F.E), and we were also the first label provider to meet these standards and receive L.I.F.E certification.

With comprehensive label services and a range of label solutions and label products, Grand Rapids Label manufactures cost-effective, high quality labels for valued customers in all industries, no matter how challenging the application.

Harsh Environment

Harsh Environment Labels

Challenging environments require durable labels that can withstand extreme conditions.  Our custom labels are manufactured to be high-performing solutions for a variety of industries and applications.  If your needs include labels to survive temperature extremes, resist fading and abrasion, and last a lifetime, we have the right people and equipment to create the best harsh environment printing label solutions for you. 

Complex Label Construction

Complex Label Construction

The industries we serve often require solutions that fall outside of what many label converters consider normal.  When you are faced with labeling challenges, GR Label has the label converting capabilities you need.  Our commitment to customer satisfaction means no label challenge is too great for us to solve.  From security features to eco-friendly requirements, we look forward to exceeding your expectations in both quality and performance.

Labeling Systems Group

Labeling Systems Group

GR Label’s Labeling Systems Group has a decades long reputation for providing top-rated engineering and service along with comprehensive labeling equipment suitable for a wide range of industries and applications. From automatic label applicators to on-demand printers, our labeling equipment offers unparalleled performance and efficiency for all your labeling needs. We also have certified technicians ready to help with any repairs or enhancements needed for your labeling system.

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Since 1884, Grand Rapids Label has been providing labels that meet all of our customers’ unique application requirements, no matter how demanding the industry. Whether we’re printing, converting, testing, or conducting R&D for special adhesives, we perform all of our services in-house to ensure consistent, superior quality.

To learn more about our exceptional label products and label solutions, Contact us today to learn more.