Custom Label Products and Comprehensive Label Service

At Grand Rapids Label, we’re known for our exceptional quality labels that exceed the exacting requirements of our customers. Whether its investing in new technology, researching new adhesives, or building custom machinery, we are always going above and beyond to exceed expectations. Not only do we produce custom labels for the most challenging applications, but we are an engineering and development company, holding nearly 20 patents.
Protecting the environment is extremely important to our company. We strive to continually improve the environmental standards in the industry. We were a key contributor to creating the official standards for TLMI’s Label Initiative for the Environment (L.I.F.E), and we were also the first label provider to meet these standards and receive L.I.F.E certification.

With comprehensive label services and a range of label solutions and label products, Grand Rapids Label manufactures cost-effective, high quality labels for valued customers in all industries, no matter how challenging the application.
Gran Rapids Label

Label Products

GR Label has over 130 years of experience providing custom label printing, converting, and manufacturing. Whether you’re looking for automotive labels, packaging labels, food labels, security labels, or any other type of industrial label, we offer cost-effective, custom labels to fit your application needs. With our vast technical expertise and advanced technology, we are your all-in-one resource for label manufacturing.

Label Services

To ensure that our labels are the highest quality in the industry, we offer a range of comprehensive services, including an in-house adhesive and coating lab, a full quality control and validation process, a dedicated prepress art department, and inventory management programs.

We are one of only a few label manufacturers that provide full services. From printing and developing unique adhesives to restocking your label supply, Grand Rapids Label is a reliable, single-source custom label provider.

Label Solutions

For even the most demanding applications, we have the expertise, equipment, and talented engineers to find the perfect label to meet your needs. Grand Rapids Label has over 130 years of experience providing custom pressure sensitive solutions.We offer harsh environment labels, unique adhesives, custom coatings, complex label construction, and more services to find the label solution that exceeds your expectations.

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Since 1884, Grand Rapids Label has been providing labels that meet all of our customers’ unique application requirements, no matter how demanding the industry. Whether we’re printing, converting, testing, or conducting R&D for special adhesives, we perform all of our services in-house to ensure consistent, superior quality.

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