In-House Label Adhesive & Coating Labs

In-House Label Lab

Label Testing

To provide effective solutions for custom labels used in challenging environments and applications, Grand Rapids Label has an extensively equipped, in-house lab with a dedicated technical staff. Unlike other label suppliers who rely on outside validation and material spec sheets, our skilled and experienced staff uses our onsite laboratory to formulate adhesives and engineer products that are uniquely tailored for the most rigorous conditions and precise requirements. Our lab verifies the strength, effectiveness, and consistency of these solutions before approving them for use on our customers' labels.

In-House Adhesive & Coating Solutions Lab Provides Proven Results 

Instead of suggesting adhesive or coating solutions that might work for your labeling application, our in-house lab enables us to provide solutions that we know will work. It gives us the time and creative resources to experiment with label construction to meet the specific parameters that you've established for your custom labels.

Our adhesive and coating lab is critical to our quality control and validation processes, and is integral to our ability to provide high performance labels at competitive prices. We thoroughly test all suggested materials of construction, and validate them against our customers' performance requirements. And, if we find that a competitors' adhesive or coating solution outperforms ours, we'll let you know.

Our dedicated laboratory staff can develop multiple variations of a coating or adhesive to find a solution that performs as you need it to while meeting the price point you're looking for. In this way, we can deliver effective, cost-efficient solutions for any labeling application.

Fully Equipped Label Testing, Prototyping & More

Grand Rapids Label's in-house adhesives and coatings lab is fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for testing, prototyping, product analysis, and PPAP processes. To ensure that the label solutions we create provide the performance you need, we can perform:

  • Sheer testing
  • Peel strength testing
  • Humidity testing
  • Heat testing
  • Flammability testing
  • and more

Contact Us for Custom Adhesive & Coating Solutions for Your Labels

We can provide the perfect adhesive and/or coating for your custom labels, no matter how demanding the application or environment may be. Request a quote on your label project or contact us to learn more.