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Custom Label Services

Several processes and details go into creating custom labels. Whether you need a few thousand labels for a new project or millions of labels for a best-selling product, you want a company that provides all the custom label solutions you need. This includes pre-press art services, services for material selection and product testing, the ability to accommodate small and large production runs, and vendor managed inventory. Established quality management standards are also crucial for ensuring product consistency and quality.

When you work with a company that provides all these services and solutions, you can count on getting the high-quality products and customer service you deserve.

Comprehensive Custom Label Solutions for Your Business Needs

While Grand Rapids Label is known for producing top quality custom labels, our comprehensive services are what truly set us apart from the competition. We offer an in-house adhesive and coating lab, full quality control and validation processes, a dedicated prepress art department, inventory management programs, and more. Few label providers integrate all these services as Grand Rapids Label does. We are the single-source provider you can count on for all your custom label needs.

In-House Laboratory Testing and Development Services

Our in-house label adhesive and coating lab is manned by a dedicated staff and fully equipped with the technology we need to efficiently develop high performance and cost-effective solutions for your unique labeling challenges. Our skilled and experienced staff uses in-house laboratory testing to formulate adhesives and engineer product uniquely tailored to specific labeling requirements. Instead of suggesting options that we think will work for your application, we can create new adhesive or coating materials that we know will get the job done.

High-Performance Label Equipment

Labeling Systems Group offers a comprehensive selection of high-performance label equipment including

automatic label applicators, on-demand printers, thermal transfer label printers, ribbons, blanks, and label dispensers. They hold more than 12 U.S. patents and have developed industry-first solutions for manufacturing, automotive, food and beverage, warehousing, and government applications.

The GRL Systems Group also offers parts and service for all labeling equipment, and provides high-performance label equipment from top manufacturers, including CTM, Label-Aire, Zebra, and Sato.

Quality Management Standards

Quality is our highest priority, from the first stage of your project through production and delivery. With extensive experience across a variety of industries, proven quality procedures and systems, and state-of-the-art quality control and inspection equipment, we can guarantee the consistent quality and durability of our custom labels and deliver reliable solutions for even the most demanding applications. Our sophisticated programs and cutting-edge technology enable us to provide exceptional quality in every custom label project.

Pre-Press Art Services for Custom Labels

Our dedicated, in-house pre-press department will work with your existing labels or custom label design to optimize the colors, graphics, dimensions, and other features for the label printing process. The pre-press team works with your drawings and designs and will smooth out any “rough edges,” ensuring that your custom labels turn out exactly as you expect them to, with the perfect and consistent look your products need.

Inventory Management Programs

We offer VMI (vendor managed inventory) programs to ensure that you always have the right labels on hand for all of your various processes. Label VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) services eliminate the need for massive pre-orders that leave you with thousands of unused labels.  With JIT deliveries and short lead times (just 24-48 hours), our full-service VMI programs make it easy for you to get the labels you need when you need them.

Contact Us for Full-Service Custom Label Solutions

Grand Rapids Label is a Michigan label converter that does it all—from printing your custom labels themselves to developing unique adhesives for challenging applications, to restocking your label supply and more. We are the single-source solution for all your custom label needs. Request a quote or contact us to get started on your project.