Commercial Labels with Subsurface Printing

Subsurface Labels

For many challenging applications, subsurface labels are the perfect way to ensure that crucial graphics and writing will last the life of the product to which they're attached. Subsurface printed labels are printed below the surface, providing additional protection for your design from abrasion, dirt, oils, and other elements.

Subsurface label printing is a unique and challenging process, and not every label manufacturer can produce this type of label. Grand Rapids Label can provide durable, high-quality subsurface labels that will remain vibrant and readable in even the most extreme working environments.

Custom Subsurface Reverse Printed Labels

Subsurface printed labels are frequently used in harsh environments, particularly those where the label is exposed to extreme temperatures, water, and chemicals. To maintain the quality and aesthetics of the printed design, industrial labels in these conditions need superior durability and longevity.

For subsurface label printing, the traditional label printing process is essentially reversed. Starting with clear label stock, all graphics and lettering are printed in reverse underneath the label, instead of on top. In this way, the label material itself protects the printed information against:

  • Moisture
  • Dirt
  • Abrasion
  • Chemicals
  • Other hazards

Applications for Subsurface Printing of Commercial Labels

A typical example of a commercial label is the instructional decal on the inside of the lid of a washing machine. Because this durable label contains important information about the machine's proper and safe operation, all writing and images must remain readable throughout the lifetime of the machine.

With subsurface printing, the information is protected by the waterproof label material and adhesive—it is essentially sandwiched between the underside of the label and the lid of the washer.

Clear or tinted windows can be manufactured, allowing users to add their own printing via thermal printer or other means. Windows are precision die-cut through both the label liner and the adhesive, leaving an exposed area where additional information can be added.

Durable, commercial labels are also often used for product identification applications or warning labels. Some common commercial label applications include:

  • Automotive part and equipment labels
  • Household and garden equipment labels
  • Major appliance labels
  • Industrial equipment labels
  • Consumer packaging labels

Commercial Labels Customized to Your Unique Application

All of our subsurface heavy duty labels are made to meet customer specifications. We can work with your completed and fully spec'd design files, or collaborate with your team to develop an all-new commercial label solution that delivers the information and durability you need for the life of your product.

With an art department, adhesive labdie cutting, and complete conversion capabilities all available in-house, Grand Rapids Label is one of the leading commercial label printers. We have the sophistication to print and construct custom subsurface labels that match your design and performance requirements.

Contact Us for Subsurface Printing of Durable Commercial Labels

For your most demanding applications, we manufacture high-quality subsurface printed labels that maintain their printed design, no matter what conditions they are exposed to. You can feel confident that our labels are durable and long-lasting to survive the life of your product.

Grand Rapids Label is one of the premier custom label manufacturers in the Midwest. We provide subsurface labels, security labelsvariable data labelsthermal labels, and more.

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