Security Labels

Custom Security Label Solutions

Security labels combat theft and counterfeiting by destructing or leaving a visible mark behind when someone tries to remove or transfer the label. The most effective security labels often combine covert and overt features along with durable materials for long use. Applications for security labels vary widely but typically include sealing packages and labeling products for security or authentication purposes. 

Security Label Solutions to Combat Theft, Counterfeiting & More

Depending on what you're trying to protect and the level of protection it needs, security labels can be found in a wide range of styles and materials, with a variety of security features.

  • Security Labels: This category includes several types of labels with permanent adhesive or features that prevent tampering and removal. Many standard labels can be made into a custom security label solution by adding special features.
  • Tamper-Evident Security Labels: Once removed, tamper evident labels break apart or alter in appearance so they cannot be reused. These security labels also leave behind a physical mark or “footprint” where the label used to be to show evidence of tampering.

Grand Rapids Label is one of the Midwest's leading providers of reliable, high-quality security labels. Our security label solutions are ideal for retail products, parts marking, authentication, and numerous other applications. From safety-printed metalized foil labels to tamper evident flat labels and beyond, we provide custom security labels that exceed expectations.

Versatile & Effective Security Label Features

Grand Rapids Label provides the custom labels you need with a variety of security and tamper-evident features to combat theft, counterfeiting, unauthorized duplication/reproduction, and other potential threats. One or more safety features can be incorporated into your security labels to provide the robust and effective solution you need.

We test all custom security labels to ensure quality and longevity. These tests are a large component of success for security labels and include peel testing, heat cycle testing, dwell, and others that mimic tampering attempts.

Available Features for Custom Security Labels

We will work with you to determine which security features are best for your specific application. Multiple features can be combined and layered into a single label to provide enhanced security and product safety. Features and options for tamper evident security labels include:

  • UV detectable, tamper evident, or patterned voids
  • UV detectable imprint coating
  • Specialty adhesives that leave footprints that are difficult or impossible to remove from the surface the label was adhered to, including UV detectable adhesive footprints
  • Holographic printing or imagery to prevent duplication
  • Machine-readable embedded security threads or integrated taggants
  • Color-shifting thermal transfer ribbons
  • Bichromatic ink
  • 2D barcodes
  • Custom holograms
  • Micro-printing
  • Lenticular printed text
  • Tamper-evident features that show proof of attempted alteration or interference
  • Destruct features (tamper slits, breakaway voids, etc.) that will destroy the label if meddled with, preventing removal and replacement

A broad spectrum of safety features are possible—contact us to discuss your custom security label requirements.

Anti-Counterfeit & Brand Protection Technology for Security Labels

To prevent counterfeiting and unauthorized reproduction, our anti-counterfeit labels integrate overt, covert, and forensic technologies like those found in US currency. We use security threads, thermal transfer ribbons, lenticular printing, and more. Together, these technologies render exact duplication impossible while making it easy to detect the brand owner.

The Perfect Security Label Solutions for Your Needs

At Grand Rapids Label, every security label we print is custom-made to match our customers' unique requirements. We can work with your specified label designs and constructions, or we can engineer a new label construction that incorporates your artwork and product information along with one or more of our security features.

Our facility houses an in-house art department to ensure design and brand integrity, and an in-house adhesives lab to help find the most effective adhesive for your labels. And, because security labels can take almost any shape, and we can precision die cut your labels for a perfect fit in your application. We have provided complete security label solutions for liquor bottles, automotive components, boxed over-the-counter medical supplements, and everything in between.

Improve Product Security

Whether you're protecting your product against tampering or protecting your company against loss of sales and the high cost of bringing lawsuits against counterfeiters, Grand Rapids Label has your solution. Our beautifully printed, tamper-evident security labels provide overt protection, while sophisticated options such as a UV light footprint and UV varnish provide covert product identification.

Embedding security markers in the film, coating, or adhesives of the label, along with the use of plant-based genetic markers (or DNA taggants), serve to combat counterfeiting by authenticating the product with a forensic chain of evidence that cannot be duplicated. From safety seals to custom-engineered labels innovative product features, we will meet all your security label requirements.

Contact Us for Custom Security Labels & More

Grand Rapids Label is Michigan and the Midwest's #1 source for all types of custom security labels, thermal labelssmart labels, and more. We use a combination of unique and advanced features to deliver highly customized security label solutions to meet your requirements.

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