Safety Labels

Safety Labels

GHS Label & CLP Safety Labels

The Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) and Classification, Labeling, and Packaging Regulation (CLP) are two of the most critical standards for safety labeling. GHS and CLP specify internationally agreed-upon rules for the labeling of hazardous materials and chemicals. GHS is moderated by the United Nations, and is used in all member countries of that organization (as well as with many others); CLP is specific to the European Union (EU), and includes all GHS regulations along with a number of additional, EU-specific rules. Together, GHS and CLP create a nearly worldwide safety labeling rulebook.

If you process, handle, or otherwise work with any of the materials specified by GHS and/or CLP regulations, you need to ensure that those materials are properly labeled to GHS and/or CLP standards. Grand Rapids Label has the durable, high quality GHS labels and CLP labels you need.

Long-Lasting GHS/CLP Warning Labels that meet Critical Requirements

Most GHS and CLP labels utilize universally recognizable symbols to convey their meaning, rather than words. But, in addition to including the proper symbols, these warning labels must also meet critical requirements for visibility, durability, color/color integrity, performance in challenging environments, and other key factors. Grand Rapids Label understands the specific, often strict requirements of these labels, and offers warning labels that meet or exceed all applicable standards.

Custom Safety Labels for Multiple Applications

Grand Rapids Label is a full-service label manufacturer. We can provide custom safety labels that communicate any and all required GHS/CLP information and are tailored to your unique needs. Colors and graphics (symbols) are, of course, dictated by the rules of GHS and CLP, but other factors, such as additional, non-safety related text, branding, overall label shape, and adhesives can be customized to fit your application. We will work with you to develop a custom safety label solution that meets your exact requirements.

We provide safety labels for all GHS and CLP requirements, including:

  • Explosives labels
  • Flammable gas labels (Category 1 gas)
  • Non-flammable/non-toxic gas labels (Category 2 gas)
  • Toxic gas labels (Category 3 gas)
  • Flammable liquid labels
  • Flammable solid labels
  • Oxidizing substance labels
  • Organic peroxide labels (Types A to G)
  • Toxic substance labels
  • Infectious substance labels
  • Radioactive substance labels
  • Corrosive substance labels
  • Miscellaneous dangerous substance labels

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Grand Rapids Label is Michigan and the Midwest's leading provider of custom labels of all types—from warning labels to prime labels to thermal transfer labels and beyond.

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