Smart RFID Printing Label Solutions

RFID Labels

For manufacturers, productivity and efficiency can make or break a supply chain. RFID printing labels can not only boost efficiency, accuracy, and productivity in the supply chain, but it offers these benefits in the actual manufacturing processes as well.

RFID (radio frequency identification) technology makes it easy to communicate large amounts of specific information. RFID is not a new technology, but as it has evolved, prices have gone down, and its usefulness has gone up, making it easily accessible to the labeling industry.

Grand Rapids Label works closely with top industry partners to provide custom labels with unobtrusive RFID chip technology built right in. Most often used in retail applications, RFID labels are also seeing significant growth in the industrial sector. Our RFID labels let you communicate the information you need in an easy-to-use way.

RFID Smart Label Advantages

In fast-paced warehouse environments, speed and accuracy are imperative to maintaining your productivity. With RFID smart labels, you can scan them all at once, unlike barcodes that need to be scanned one at a time.

RFID tags are quick, accurate labels that improve your inventory management. They are tough and durable, holding up to the wear and tear of a warehouse better than a traditional paper label.

In addition to these, RFID tags also provide:

  • Accuracy in fast-paced environments
  • Flexibility in manufacturing processes
  • The ability to withstand extreme environments
  • Reduction in risk, theft, and loss

Versatile RFID Label Technology

Grand Rapids Label's RFID, or "smart," labels can be written and rewritten with new information multiple times, and read by enabled devices an infinite number of times without losing their effectiveness.

Our smart labels let you effectively communicate a wide range of information, including tracking data, safety warnings, security information, and much more—there is almost no limit to the type of information that can be conveyed via RFID technology.

And, the information contained in the RFID smart label can be combined with your branding or other information on the face of the label itself for even greater communication capabilities. Add in our ability to provide sophisticated security and destruct features, and you are left with a solution that takes labeling to an entirely new level.

Custom Smart Labels for All Applications

Grand Rapids Label, along with key partners like SmarTrac, offers a full line of RFID printing label options, making it easy to find the right solution for your unique needs. We can work with your specified label designs and constructions, or develop new, custom RFID labels that meet your application and information requirements.

With an in-house art department, we can ensure your design and branding needs are met. Our adhesives lab helps us find the most effective adhesives for your labels, based on substrates and environmental conditions. 

Precision die-cutting capabilities enable us to produce smart labels in any size or shape you need. All these factors come together to create RFID labels that provide the look, the performance, and—most importantly—the critical information you need.

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