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Environmentally Friendly Labels
At Grand Rapids Label, protecting and preserving the environment is an integral part of our company and our culture. We were instrumental in setting the official standards for the Tag and Label Manufacturers Institute's Label Initiative For the Environment (L.I.F.E.) program, and were the first company in the world to meet those standards and receive L.I.F.E. certification. We are also certified to ISO 14001 environmental standards.

Embracing a structured, company-wide "green" program enables us to effectively promote the continuous improvement of our environmental standards. We are committed to providing safe, eco-friendly, competitive products and services, and to improving the global environment as well as the health and wellbeing of our employees and the people in our communities that we serve.

Creative, Green Solutions for Eco Friendly Label Manufacturing

Grand Rapids Label constantly strives to find the most eco friendly way to produce custom labels and tags. As a full-service label manufacturer, we have everything we need to produce custom eco-friendly labels in-house. Our adhesives lab works to develop powerful and effective solutions that meet our customers' requirements and are better for the environment than other available options. We take the same approach with our inks and other label materials, and can create new "green" solutions, as needed, to meet your company's environmental standards.

We are always conscious of the amount of waste our products create. With that in mind, Grand Rapids Label has internal programs in place to reclaim and reuse the waste produced in our facility, and to reduce and reclaim the waste our labels create in your facility. All labels are designed and die-cut for minimal material waste; tight margins help reduce the amount of material needed for liners on self-adhesive labels that are often thrown in the trash. We can provide bins for our customers to collect these liners and submit them for recycling.

We will be more than happy to work with you to develop an environmentally friendly label for your application and your facility.

Champion Battery Eco Friendly LabelChampion Batteries - Eco Friendly Recyclable Labels

Automotive batteries have long been among the most recycled products on the market. Lead, acid, and other materials are reclaimed, and the polypropylene cases are cleaned and ground up for reuse. Unfortunately, the durable vinyl labels once needed to endure harsh environmental conditions were gumming up the recycling process, so Champion turned to us. We reformulated the adhesive to be less aggressive yet equally effective, and our newly developed eco friendly labels offered all the characteristics and performance of vinyl, while closely matching the polypropylene material. The resulting customized solution dramatically improved recyclability. Protecting the environment is a high priority at Grand Rapids Label, so we literally went the extra mile to visit the customer's facilities across the country to explain the new product and how both the company and the environment would benefit.

Champion was the first to adopt our polypropylene labels, and we're glad to report that they were not the last.

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Working with water-based adhesives instead of solvent-based, using recycled materials at every opportunity, crafting our labels to minimize waste from every angle; these and other green practices are an overarching part of who we are at Grand Rapids Label. We take pride in our earth-friendly approach, and are constantly working to make it even better. We hope that you find added value in these efforts, and that you will join us in working toward a greener, more sustainable future.

Request a quote on the custom eco-friendly labels you need, or contact us to learn more about our environmentally-friendly manufacturing practices.