Custom Product Label Solutions

When it’s done right, a package label can do a lot more than just identify the product to which it’s attached. Product labels promote brand but also provide visual appeal; a well-thought out and well-designed product label can become an integral part of the product’s packaging, as well as a key component of the user experience.

Grand Rapids Label excels at designing, engineering, and manufacturing product labels that go above and beyond the ordinary. We welcome the challenge of creating consumer package labels that not only convey all the information our customers need them to, but also provide functionality and special features that make them a unique and indispensable part of the product packaging. We will work with you to develop product label solutions that bring your wildest design ideas to life.

Your Package and Product Label Experts

With more than 130 years of printing experience and diverse label printing and manufacturing capabilities, Grand Rapids Label can do it all. From simple paper labels for beer bottles to complex clear labels for clear plastic containers to specially-printed holographic labels with resealable adhesives, we have provided consumer packaging label solutions for countless product applications.

clear mouthwash bottle label with 11 colorsInvesting in Label Technology | Act Mouthwash

Printing an 11-color label on a transparent material that reveals any imperfection is a complex and demanding task. When it proved too much of a challenge for Act’s contract packager, they turned to Grand Rapids Label to manufacture their product label. We approached the project with the expertise, ingenuity, and can-do attitude we’re known for, investing in new technology that included additional print stations and a special screenhead for opacity. All issues were skillfully resolved, and the finished label offers superior quality at a better price, for a truly satisfied customer.

Innovative Holographic Printing | Ice Breakers MintsIce Breakers Holographic Print Packaging

Back when this now-familiar brand was just getting started, they asked us to develop a label that would elevate their product above the competition. We accommodated the unique molded, hinged tabs on their new packaging with a custom-engineered adhesive and a special die cut that allowed for two-sided opening. Installation of a static-elimination system was one of many ways our vertical integration enabled us to meet this project’s many challenges. The innovative holographic label was printed on material with the flexibility and strength to withstand repeated opening and closing; it was then custom-coated and applied with high-speed accuracy using special machinery. The result was a unique, attention-grabbing product package and label that helped increase the client’s market share.

Expert Collaboration for Consumer Package Labels | Nike/Segredahl Printing Co.

A magazine insert for Nike was designed to include a 3D packet that looked and felt like it contained a sample of lotion. Grand Rapids Label has a well-earned reputation for accepting and solving unique and difficult labeling challenges, so when everyone else said this couldn’t be done, Segredahl turned to us for help—three weeks before insertion! We accepted the challenge, and in less than two weeks our experts had developed a brand new solution. The 800,000 inserts were printed, assembled, and delivered on time and at a significant savings, and provided functionality and impact that both our customer and Nike hailed as a completed success.

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The above are just a few examples of the innovative product package labels we’ve produced for our customers. We have the experience and the expertise to deliver the perfect consumer packaging label solution for your unique needs.

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