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The power of great labels extends well beyond marketing and branding.  Durable and functional labels, while not always colorful and pretty, provide critical information used throughout supply chain and the consumer experience.  Making it easier to identify an item facilitates faster transactions, more accurate inventory, and accurate service information for the life of your product. Custom labels help to streamline supply chains, saving money and often creating a competitive advantage.

Grand Rapids Label is your all-in-one resource for custom label printing, converting, and manufacturing. Our team will work with you to develop the perfect label solution for your application. With more than 130 years' experience in the printing industry, there is almost no challenge too great.

We have the skills, technical expertise, equipment, and desire to deliver high quality, cost-effective custom labels to help streamline and improve supply chains, save money, build brands and create competitive advantage.

Custom Label Advantages & Solutions

Beyond the marketing and branding value of custom labels, there are custom engineered functional labels that add daily value.  For example, barcode and other custom labels help eliminate human error, making inventory faster and more reliable, reducing overhead costs. Custom labels are versatile and can help improve, not just inventory control, but overall communication in your warehouse or distribution center.

Other benefits of custom labels include:

Greater Efficiency: Implementing custom labels for your products improves the efficiency of your supply chain, preventing potential data entry and picking mistakes. Improving the efficiency of your supply chain also helps to improve worker productivity.

Cost Reductions: The more efficient the supply chain, the faster products can move, saving you both time and money. Not only this, but custom labels prevent downtime and improve inventory control, lowering overhead costs and eliminating money that would be spent replacing lost equipment. Using label products also reduces the amount of employee training time needed.

Versatility: Barcodes and other custom printed labels can be used for any kind of data collection, from pricing to outgoing shipments. They can be attached to any surface, making them perfect for tracking products as well as equipment.

Better Branding: Custom labels provide you complete control over your trademark, logo, and other critical information about your specific products that make internal and external transactions faster, safer, repeatable and more reliable.

Unique Custom Label Solutions

From durable industrial labels that outperform the most rigorous specifications to prime labels that will attract buyers to smart labels that incorporate RFID technology, we understand that your label is critically important to your brand and your customers.

At GRLabel, we know you need a partner who works quickly to deliver smart solutions, so we offer a one-of-a-kind approach for even the most challenging label applications.

No matter how simple or complex your requirements may be, GRLabel's goal is to become a platinum member of your supply chain. We offer custom adhesives and coatings, precision die cutting, intricate label construction capabilities, and more to deliver custom labels that meet your specifications and exceed your expectations.

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Grand Rapids Label is the #1 source for custom labels in Michigan and throughout the Midwest. Our label products provide the versatility that you need. With endless customization in design and adhesiveness, our custom printed labels are perfect for any industry and application.

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