Unique Label Adhesives & Custom Label Coatings

Specialty Label Adhesives

Specialty Label Coatings

At Grand Rapids Label, customization is at the core of everything we do, and the label adhesives and coatings we use are no exception. With a complete, in-house lab, we can develop, test, and verify new and innovative solutions that are individually tailored to your product, container, or environment. All of our adhesive and coating processes meet ISO and IATF standards.

Specialty Label Adhesive Custom Solutions

Grand Rapids Label works with the largest, most technical adhesive suppliers in the world, but if what you need is not commercially available, we can create an effective custom solution. Once we've formulated your custom adhesive, our experts will conduct thorough testing to ensure that it provides the performance your project demands.

Specialty Label Coating Advanced Solutions

With an extensive custom coating operation, and experience with most coating chemistries, we offer thousands of possible combinations. Or, we can create a new, custom label coating that is specifically designed to address your unique requirements.

Adhesive & Coating Solutions

Our expert team can develop specialty label coating and adhesive solutions for your unique challenges. We can provide adhesives and coatings that withstand:

  • Extreme temperatures
  • Oil, gas, and chemical exposure
  • Extended submersion in liquids
  • Severe abrasion
  • Constant sunlight/UV exposure
  • Difficult substrates
  • and other demanding applications

Special Features & Functions

We can provide coatings and adhesives that do more than just protect and affix your labels. As needed, we can incorporate a variety of security features into your adhesives and/or coatings to provide tamper evidence. We can develop green solutions that use environmentally-safe formulas to deliver the same performance and durability as the harsh chemicals they're replacing. Whatever your requirement, whatever your application, Grand Rapids Label can provide the custom solution you need.

Contact Us for the Custom Labels You Need

Grand Rapids Label is one of the Midwest's premier custom label manufacturers. Our specialty adhesives and coatings are just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to developing the perfect custom labels for your application. We have the capabilities to deliver completely custom label solutions that meet your requirements and exceed your expectations.

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