Harsh Environment Labels

Durable Labels for the Most Demanding Applications

Industrial Labels for Harsh Environments

If you manufacture parts, products, or equipment that is used in harsh environments, you need heavy duty labels that can withstand those conditions without degrading or loss of adhesion. Whether it's extreme temperatures, chemical exposure, submersion in salt water, or another challenging condition (or combination of conditions), Grand Rapids Label can provide durable label solutions that will showcase your brand, keep your clients safe, and/or communicate key information for the life of your product.

At Grand Rapids Label, our experts can produce durable industrial labels based on your project’s exact specifications. We have the knowledge and resources to deliver custom heavy duty labels for a wide range of applications in the most extreme environments. Contact us for more information regarding our durable label solutions for your harsh environment application needs, or call us at 800-552-5215.

Industrial Labels Designed to Withstand Extreme Conditions

Custom labels manufactured specifically for harsh environments are better suited to handle extreme climates and challenging scenarios. Whether it’s extreme heat or cold, or exposure to chemicals and natural irritants, having a label that provides prolonged adhesion is exceedingly important for sustained product identification. Some of the benefits that a harsh label can provide include:

  • Extreme temperatures
  • Oil, gas, and chemical exposure
  • Constant sunlight and UV exposure
  • Extended submersion in liquids
  • Severe abrasion
  • Dirt, grease, and grime
  • High speed operation of moving parts

From aerospace to mining, there are any number of challenging environments your products—and their labels—may encounter. If your labels are to remain readable and usable, they must be tough enough to stand up to extreme wear and tear. Our custom adhesive labeling solutions can provide prolonged label adhesion for the following applications:

Equipment Labels for the Automotive Industry

Creating part and equipment labels that can survive the punishing conditions of the automotive environment is a Grand Rapids Label specialty. We develop adhesives that are custom-engineered to hold, even when applied to rough metal castings or oily surfaces. Our proprietary, industry-leading resin-based topcoat increases print performance and offers 30% better abrasion and chemical resistance than other commercially-available topcoats.

Robust and durable, our part and equipment labels can withstand severe temperatures and plant operations like machining and washing and remain legible and scannable after exposure to brake fluid and other harsh liquids. On-demand printing enables easy changes with the performance of a preprinted label, for a high quality, cost-effective identification solution.

From Drive Shaft Labels to Frozen Food Labels

Grand Rapids Label has delivered industrial durable labels for countless applications and a wide variety of environments. We have provided part identification labels for drive shafts on pickup trucks. These trucks are used on Alaskan pipeline sites, to haul excavation equipment through the Mexican desert, and everywhere in between. The drive shaft labels have to be durable enough to withstand heavy duty use and exposure to hazardous chemicals in extreme high and low temperatures.

From trucks to summertime snacks, another prime example of our harsh environment labels is ice cream cone wrappers. Frozen food labels like these present a number of unique challenges—they must meet critical cleanliness, ink, and adhesive standards, as well as customer design specifications. These frozen food labels are produced in a controlled environment and created to withstand harsh freezer conditions.

A Label Printing Company with State-of-the-Art Technology 

At Grand Rapids Labels, we use precision die cuttingspecialty adhesives, proprietary top coatings, and over 100 years of combined experience to produce harsh environment durable labels that match your specifications and stand the test of time. We are a label printing company with the abilities and expertise to create industrial labels that many of our competitors can't or won't provide. We welcome your biggest challenges and look forward to meeting them.

Contact Grand Rapids Label for Heavy Duty Industrial Labels

No one in Michigan or the Midwest can manufacture premium quality heavy duty labels like Grand Rapids Label. Request a quote on industrial durable labels, or contact Grand Rapids Label to learn more. Grand Rapids Label is your premier resource for high quality harsh environment labels.