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Complex Custom Label Solutions

Custom label solutions including label construction, label converting, and specialty label manufacturing require advanced machinery and knowledgeable professionals that understand your project requirements and specifications. If your project requires advanced labeling solutions, contact the experts with the knowledge and experience to produce the best custom labels in the industry.

At Grand Rapids Label, we provide a broad range of custom and complex label converting capabilities that encompass virtually any combination of requirements. Whatever your custom label needs, however specific or demanding your requirements, you can be sure that we'll provide the best possible solution for your product, container, or environment. Contact us for more information regarding our custom label construction processes and custom label solutions, or call us at 800-552-5215 and we will gladly answer any specialty labeling questions that you may have.

Custom Complex Label Construction Material Solutions

At Grand Rapids Label, we can—and will—solve your most difficult labeling challenges. One or more of our complex label solutions can be "built in" to your custom labels to meet all your specifications. Our custom label converting capabilities include, but are not limited to the following capabilities:

Premium Polyester Resin-Based Top Coatings

We provide specialized label coatings using both poly resin coating materials that come directly from our suppliers and poly resin materials that we've custom engineered in our in-house lab. These coating materials enhance the durability and modulation of our thermal transfer and direct thermal labels.

Custom Die-Cut Windows

We can custom die cut windows through the back of a clear label's liner and adhesive, leaving a void where users can thermal transfer print the information they need on the back of the label face stock. This traps the print between the surface of the label itself and the substrate to which it's affixed, providing guaranteed durability and protection for parts marking and/or branding purposes.

Security Features

Grand Rapids Label can include a wide range of security features in your labels to combat theft, counterfeiting, and other safety and security risks. We can provide security labels with special inks that leave a wide range of UV-detectable measures including:

  • Footprints
  • Hidden inks
  • Unique void solutions
  • Destruct features
  • Machine-readable security threads

Paint Masking

Special multi-layer construction allows labels to be applied to your parts or products prior to painting or coating them. The secondary layer can them be peeled off, leaving the printed information on the label untouched by the paint/coating. Popular for automotive applications, these labels make early part marking easier, ensure reliable, long-lasting adhesion to your substrate, and can also provide rust protection.

Repositionable Labels

A repositionable label helps to eliminate the downtime associated with removing misaligned labels, cleaning the part/product of residue, and replacing the label, and reduces labeling costs by eliminating the waste of incorrectly applied labels. We take special care in selecting the adhesive and the face stock for repositionable labels to ensure optimum performance. Repositionable labels are ideal for manual labeling applications that must be applied, removed, and reapplied without:

  • Losing adhesion
  • Leaving adhesive residue behind
  • Damaging or destroying the label

Thermochromatic Ink

We work with special inks that react to heat, allowing users to easily see when the required temperature for the labeled product has been reached. Thermochromatic ink labels are useful for everything from automotive applications (for example, labeling metal parts to keep track of which ones have or haven't been heat treated) to consumer packaged goods (for example, showing when a microwave burrito has reached the optimal cooking temperature). We engineer our thermochromatic inks to react and change color at the temperature you specify.

Ultra-Clear Labels & Adhesives

For products in clear containers where the look of the product itself is a part of the brand experience, Grand Rapids Label can provide ultra-clear labels that use ultra-clear adhesives. These special labels and adhesives are engineered to remain clear, with no yellowing or bubbling, and to withstand the heat generated by rapid label applicators. Labels can be digitally printed with multiple colors and won't fade, giving you the bright, bold look you're after while letting your product show through.

Heavy Coat-Weight Label Materials & Adhesives

We offer a wide range of materials and adhesives that are designed to withstand the rigors of everyday use in light- to heavy-duty applications. Our heavy coat-weight materials and adhesives stand up to harsh environments including:

  • Abrasion
  • Constant Handling
  • Massive temperature swings
  • Machining
  • Regular washing & cleaning

"Green" Eco-Friendly Labels

At Grand Rapids Label, we take an environmentally-friendly approach to each and every one of our processes. Whenever possible, we utilize recycled materials, water-based adhesives in place of harsh solvent based ones, and eco-friendly inks to minimize our environmental impact. It's a challenge to implement these measures and still deliver labels that provide the performance and durability our customers require, but it's a challenge we're more than willing to take on to help preserve our planet for future generations.

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