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Custom Pressure Sensitive Labels

Pressure sensitive labels are a versatile solution found in the majority of industries because of their easy, straightforward application. Pressure sensitive labels can be applied to almost any product to create brand awareness, communicate instructions, and provide warnings.

For more than 130 years, Grand Rapids Label has been providing custom pressure sensitive solutions that exceed customer expectations. We have the experience, the capabilities, and the people to provide custom labels that outperform the most demanding requirements. No matter how challenging or straightforward your label needs may be, we can deliver the perfect solution.

Innovative Applications for Custom Pressure Sensitive Labels

Grand Rapids Label provides custom pressure sensitive label manufacturing for a broad range of products and industries. Because of their versatility, pressure sensitive labels can be used for almost anything, including heavy-duty applications when the right adhesives are applied.

Professional pressure sensitive label solutions can be found in:

Enhanced Custom Label Capabilities

As a custom pressure sensitive labels provider, Grand Rapids Label offers a variety of manufacturing and design capabilities. From unique adhesives to security features, we offer full-service custom label printing to meet your application needs.

Heavy Duty Labels for Harsh Environments

Whether you need custom pressure sensitive labels that can withstand extreme temperatures, harsh chemical exposure, saltwater submersion, or other challenging conditions, Grand Rapids Label has the solution you need.

Our heavy duty labels are designed to highlight your brand and effectively communicate with your end-users, without failure throughout the lifecycle of your product. Specialty inks, label materials, adhesives, and coatings (see below) ensure that your labels remain readable and stay in place, even in the harshest environments. 

Unique Adhesives & Custom Coatings

Not every label can be applied to a nice, flat, receptive surface, and almost no label can avoid abrasion or other hazards. With that in mind, we have developed a line of unique adhesives that will keep your pressure sensitive labels in place, no matter the substrate.

Our custom coatings will protect your labels against chemicals, extreme temps, UV exposure, and other potential threats. If you need something totally new, we will work with you to develop adhesives and coatings in our lab that stand up to your toughest challenges. 

Complex Label Construction

There's no label construction challenge too great for Grand Rapids Label. We have comprehensive converting capabilities that enable us to create labels with the special features our customers require. From security features to thermochromatic ink to ultra-clear labels and more, we have the skills and the technology to produce the ultimate custom label for your specific application. 

Custom Die Cutting

Using rotary die cutting technology, we can provide custom pressure sensitive labels in the size and shape you need. We offer an array of "standard" sizes/shapes, or we can create completely custom die cut shapes for your unique application.

Our die cutting capabilities are ideal for producing label blanks for thermal transfer or direct thermal printing. GRLabel also has experience die cutting alternative materials with or without adhesive. 

Label Printing Technologies

Grand Rapids Label uses an array of label printing technologies, from state-of-the-art digital printing to multiple flexographic printing presses, to create colorful, custom printed labels. We are experts at recreating customer artwork and can print your labels on a wide range of materials. We have the experience and the technology to tackle any label printing project. 

Full Service Label Printing Company

Grand Rapids Label is an expert in custom pressure sensitive label manufacturing, providing custom, cost-effective solutions tailored to your industry needs. Customers throughout the Midwest and beyond turn to Grand Rapids Label for complete custom label solutions. 

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