Medical & Laboratory

Grand Rapids Label understands how important labeling lab and medical equipment is. That's why we take pride in producing clear concise information highlighting batch numbers, expiration dates, and more to uphold the accuracy and integrity of experimentation, all while using durable, high quality material.

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Medical Equipment

Lab Media Labeling Solutions

We make our labels from durable long-lasting material that withstands the laboratory environments exposed to various chemicals and extreme temperatures including cryogenic conditions. All of our lab media labels are additionally waterproof making them ideal to use in a wet lab setting.

  • Test Tube & Sterilization Labels
  • Tight Diameter Applications
  • Cryovials
  • Flask, Slide, & Vial Labeling
  • Cryogenic Labels

Pharmaceutical Labeling Solutions

Pharmaceutical Labels serve as the primary means of communicating your product information to both consumers and various healthcare professionals making the need for clear & concise labels more important than ever. Producing a label solution that is regulatory compliant as well as being easily recognizable by the end user Is where Grand Rapids Label is at its best.

  • Prescriptions
  • Over the Counter
  • Dietary Supplements
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