Industrial & Durable

Industrial & durable labels need to be able to withstand extreme conditions for the lifetime of your product to be able to provide important instructions and safety recommendations to reduce liability risk such as warning, caution, and safety labeling. Grand Rapids Label has an expansive library of durable material solutions that are guaranteed to perform no matter the conditions ranging from high heat to cryogenic temperatures, to chemical and water resistance.

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Industrial Durable Labeling Solutions

If you manufacture parts, products, or equipment used in harsh environments, you need labels that can withstand conditions without degrading or sacrificing performance. Grand Rapids Label can provide harsh environment labels that will showcase your brands, keep end users safe such as displaying clear instructions on a fire extinguisher, and communicating key information throughout your products lifecycle such as power generators. With experience from manufacturing driveshaft labels used on Alaskan pipeline sites, to labels withstanding cryogenic temperatures, there's no environment that Grand Rapids Label can't produce a solution for.

Durable Labels for the Most Demanding Conditions

  • Extreme temperatures including high heat & cryogenic labeling
  • Oil, acid, and chemical exposure
  • Sunlight & UV exposure
  • Fade Resistance labeling
  • Extended submersion in liquids
  • Severe abrasion labeling
  • GHS labels
  • Warning, Hazard, Caution, & Safety labeling
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