Food & Beverage

It's critical in food & beverage labeling to make sure your product is meeting regulatory standards like FDA and GFSI while maintaining a brand image to appeal to customers. With an extensive library of approved label materials made specifically for food and beverage applications, Grand Rapids Label can ensure your labels are both safe and bring serious shelf appeal while communicating important nutritonal information about your product

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Direct Food Contact Labels

With GFSI certification, Grand Rapids Label has both the experience and capabilities to produce high quality direct contact labels. We factor in the temperature and environment that your product is in to ensure a winning solution. With such a high visibility, it's critical for your label's branding and shelf appeal to stand out from your competition. With a wide variety of eco friendly and compostable labels, you can also ensure that your product is leaving no waste behind and meet your company's sustainability initiatives.

  • Moisture Resistant Labels
  • Direct Food Contact Labels
  • Compostable Labels
  • Freezer Grade Labels

Indirect Food Grade Labeling

Grand Rapids Label also excels in indirect food grade labeling as it's becoming increasingly important as consumers are becoming more aware food safety issues. Through indirect food grade labeling, GRL can display your company's commitment to food safety and compliance while maintaining a label that brings serious shelf appeal.

  • Seals & Closure labels
  • Heat Seal Labels
  • Barrier Coating labels
  • Food-Grade safe ink
  • Nutrition Labels
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