Automotive Label Solutions

In the highly regulated automotive industry, labels are treated as parts and have specific requirements for size, material, numbering, and performance. Each label becomes an integral part of the final product and must meet the same IATF standards, regardless of who manufactures the product.

Applications for Auto Labels

Vehicle labels are used on engine components and throughout the interior and exterior of a vehicle to provide operating instructions and display safety information and hazard warnings. Common uses for auto labels include:

  • Windows
  • Door jambs
  • Batteries
  • Engine components
  • Tire rims
  • Vehicle undercarriage
  • And more

These labels must not only meet specific standards but be able to withstand long-term exposure to heat, dirt, moisture, and corrosive substances.

Custom Automotive Labels Made to Match Your Exact Specifications

Grand Rapids Label provides custom labels for manufacturers throughout the automotive supply chain. We know how to navigate the automotive industry and have salespeople that specialize in this field to ensure we meet all your needs. Our team is familiar with different standards for label materials and has a thorough understanding of compliance action and print interpretation.

National and international OEMs and Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 suppliers count on us to deliver top-quality labeling solutions. With our comprehensive label converting capabilities, our manufacturing certifications, and our dedicated team members, we provide durable, high-quality labels for all automotive applications, from interior to under-the-hood to drive train and more.

Our automotive labels are specially designed to stand up to extreme temperatures, sunlight exposure, harsh chemicals, abrasion, and more. Durable materials and high-quality printing ensure that all safety and operations information on the durable automotive part label is clear and easy to read throughout the life of your product. We offer an array of printing capabilities and can work with virtually any label material you specify.

Premium Vehicle Label Solutions

Our comprehensive automotive label solutions include pre-sampling, pre-production, testing, and services such as die cutting and custom coatings to produce a product that meets your exact needs. We offer the following custom label solutions:

  • Harsh Environment Labels: Our harsh environment labels are engineered to withstand to the physical demands and chemical exposure associated with automotive use. These labels are the ideal way to showcase your brand and/or communicate critical safety and operational information in the most demanding environments, even after years of use.
  • Unique Adhesives & Custom Coatings: With a dedicated, in-house lab, we can provide the perfect adhesive and/or coating for your labeling needs. We can develop, test, and verify new and innovative adhesive and coating solutions for nearly any challenge, from difficult substrates to severe abrasion applications to extended liquid submersion.
  • Complex Label Construction: From die cut windows to special security features to heavy coat-weight label materials and more, we can provide extremely complex labels that provide all the features your application requires. We will work with you to develop custom labels with built-in solutions for your most difficult labeling challenges.
  • Custom Die Cutting: We can provide die cut labels in any shape or size to fit the unique requirements of your automotive application. Whether you need complete custom labels that are precision cut to your specifications or die cut label blanks for on-demand printing, we are the only resource you need.
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Automotive Label Products

GR Label is a Tier 1 supplier and works with OEMs to deliver a range of automotive label solutions. Learn more about our products below or contact us to discuss your labeling application.

  • Security Labels: We offer a wide range of security features to help you protect your products. Ideal for parts marking and other applications, our security labels can include UV printing, specialty adhesives, barcodes, holograms, machine-readable security threads, and other versatile and effective options.
  • On-Demand Printing: Our thermal transfer labels and direct thermal labels are perfect for on-demand printing applications. Designed for ease of use with your onsite label printers, our thermal labels are durable enough for parts marking and other demanding automotive applications.
  • Variable Data Labels: We can print variable data labels with the important data you need in the format you require: sequential numbering, linear barcodes, QR codes, etc. Our variable data labels are the perfect solution for parts marking, inventory control, and other applications.
  • RFID Labels/"Smart" Labels: Featuring advanced RFID chip technology, our smart labels let you communicate a wide range of information, quickly and effectively. RFID labels can deliver tracking data, security information, and much, much more, with infinite reusability for the life of your product.
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Auto Label Services

At Grand Rapids Label, we know it takes more than just high quality labels to meet the needs of the automotive industry. Our comprehensive label services make us a true single-source label company for your auto labels, car part labels, and vehicle labels who can meet all your requirements.

Our custom automotive label services and solutions include:

Automotive Label Quality Management Solutions & Certifications

We know that there are many hoops to jump through to get parts approved for automotive use. With that in mind, we deliver custom automotive part labels that meet all applicable industry quality requirements, including:

Contact Us for Custom Automotive Label Solutions

Grand Rapids Label is one of the leading automotive label companies and provides premium quality custom labels to meet a range of manufacturing needs. Request a quote on the labels your automotive application requires, or contact us for more information.