Case Studies

Act Mouthwash

Printing an 11-color label on a transparent material that reveals any imperfection is a complex and demanding task. READ MORE


Creating labels that survive the harsh punishment and extreme conditions of the automotive environment is a specialty of Grand Rapids Label. READ MORE


Environmental stewardship is a high priority at Grand Rapids Label, so we literally went the extra mile... READ MORE

Ice Breakers

This familiar brand was just getting started when they asked us to develop a label that would elevate their product above the competition. READ MORE


The label for this rare, premium water presented a serious challenge because the request came to us only two weeks before the product was scheduled to ship. READ MORE

Nike/Segredahl Printing Co.

This magazine insert for Nike was designed to include a 3D packet that looked and felt like it contained a sample of lotion. READ MORE


When the need for a better bulk mail label brought the USPS to us, we began collaborating immediately. READ MORE


Whether you are protecting your product against tampering, or protecting your company against loss of sales and the high cost of bringing lawsuits against counterfeiters, we have your solution. READ MORE

Labels that endure the harshest elements and withstand the test of time.

Solutions uniquely tailored for product, application or environment.

We’re the right company to solve your problem.


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