ATM Plaque

A nonglare finish was the perfect choice for trade show and display graphics, while velvet polycarbonate laminate film provided protection from UV, abrasions and moisture. The adhesive was selected for its excellent low-temperature performance and long-term aging for resistance to yellowing in outdoor applications.

Cell Phone Dial Pad

This application included an intricate, die-cut overlay for electronic equipment, printed on Lexan film to achieve the decorative appearance of velvet.

Wire Harness Label

Label and adhesive were custom designed to adhere to the unique shape of the wire harness, with no loss of functionality.

Jack Instructional

This label was constructed from a clear, tough biaxially oriented polypropylene film coated with a water emulsion acrylic adhesive system, for excellent resistance to acid, chemicals and oil. Self-wound polypropylene overlaminate offers outstanding thermal transfer printability for labels and tags requiring variable information such as expiration dates and barcoding data.

Hang Tags

Selecting Polylith synthetic paper allowed us to provide the strength, tear resistance and durability of plastic combined with the printability of paper. The Polylith product line includes the largest selection of grades, gauges and finishes available from a single supplier. It produces no toxic gases when incinerated, and its nontoxic characteristics make it 100% recyclable. Polylith can be recycled along with other packaging materials with no need for separation during the process.

Seat Belt Label

Safety and manufacturing information was printed onto special material that was flexible enough to be stitched onto seat belt webbing, yet durable enough to qualify as flame retardant which is a requirement of most interior safety labels.

Airbag Label

We manufactured this label using polyester with a polyester overlaminate to maintain a professional glossy or matte appearance that would endure in multiple harsh environments, including constant moisture, humidity, heat, sunlight or UV exposure.

Seat Belt Pretensioner

Metalized polyester film was selected to increase the opacity of the label. This material is utilized in a wide variety of applications, display applications and other general industrial uses.

Seat Belt Label

The capacity to satisfy multiple requirements made Tyvek the ideal choice for this label. The material is easily sewn, lightweight, and difficult to rip, with a high strength-to-weight ratio. It is flexible, smooth, pH neutral, and weatherproof, offering resistance to water, rot, mildew, chemicals, abrasion and aging. Tyvek is also 100% recyclable, with a flame retardant coating.


This high mount arch nameplate was designed to provide excellent metal adhesion and optical density.

On-Demand Durable

A high-performance cross linking acrylic adhesive offers a balance of initial adhesion and good holding power. 4 mil white polyester stock is excellent for automatic dispensing and thermal transfer top coat and ribbon combinations that withstand the harshest underhood conditions.

Half Shafts and CV Joints

Because these labels had to remain functional for the life of the vehicle, we developed a custom adhesive that would withstand exposure to oil, and endure in the harsh, under-the-hood environment.

Converter Label

Printed on 100% recyclable, waterproof, tree-free material with attributes and properties that make it the perfect solution for a variety of marketing, design, packaging and labeling needs. Paired with resin ribbons, this label was engineered to withstand full sunlight and immersion in water, while providing resistance to a variety of chemicals and oils. These qualities are essential for any labeling which must remain identifiable while enduring harsh conditions.

Drive Lines and Axles

We engineered these labels for excellent durability and moisture resistance by using matte white opaque label materials that utilize a high-performance tackified acrylic. These materials were matched with a flexo- and gravure-ready DigiPrime liner, chosen for excellent adhesion of digital inks to uncoated, coated, polypropylene and polyester grades. This product also improves rub resistance of indigo inks.

Power Steering Pumps

This label was designed to accommodate an on-site, automatic application system, using a custom adhesive developed specifically for the oily, rough cast-iron surface, and harsh, under-the-hood environment.

Automotive and Industrial Batteries

We printed these labels on a white polypropylene with a DigiPrime liner. Recommended for high-speed labeling applications, white polypropylene label products are used when high strength and caliper control are important. Labels are also recyclable, including the product housing.

Automotive and Industrial Batteries

We printed these labels on a white polypropylene with a DigiPrime liner. Recommended for high-speed labeling applications, white polypropylene label products are used when high strength and caliper control are important. Labels are also recyclable, including the product housing.

Oil Filter Label

Because oil filters are becoming increasingly popular on the black market, we created these labels with several built-in security features to combat the problem of counterfeiting.

Synthetic Oil Label

These unique labels were specially created for the OEM in black to ensure that they remained true to the brand and did not detract from the appearance of the engine, while enduring in the harsh, under-the-hood environment.

Underhood Durability

Engineered to survive exposure to harsh chemicals, severe temperatures and even steam, this digitally printed label utilized a permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive that would remain intact for the life of the vehicle.

Code 39

Variable length, discrete barcode symbology is widely used and can be decoded with virtually any barcode reader.


This is one of the most popular types of two-dimensional barcodes, due to its fast readability and large storage capacity, as compared to traditional UPC barcodes.

Data Matrix

The most popular application for data matrix is marking small items because it provides the ability to encode 50 characters into a symbol that is readable at 2-3mm.


The most common form of barcode, this is your best bet for tracking trade items in stores.

Thermal Transfer

Thermal transfer is preferable to direct thermal printing on surfaces that are heat sensitive, or when higher durability of printed matter is desired.

Eight Panel Booklet

Transparent over laminate labels protected these small brochures, providing easy user access while keeping them firmly affixed to the package, even when unfolded, accordion-style, to be read.

Continued Use Booklet

We custom engineered a special adhesive for this customer, making it possible for their promotional booklet to be opened and closed multiple times while maintaining full functionality.

Extended Text Instructional

An easy-open tab was part of the unique design for this instructional, on-package booklet.

Direct Food Contact Booklet

Designed for direct contact with food, these coupons also offer unique fraud prevention measures for the utmost product security.

Cleansing Cloths

Specially engineered to retain moisture while providing an effective, resealable closure, this pouch keeps the product fresh and usable—almost indefinitely.

Cool Contact Wipes

By designing this label to accommodate strips of special removable adhesive, we ensured moisture retention, even with repeated use.

Intimate Towlettes

We engineered this entire label for use with a removable adhesive, enabling effective and repeated reclosure by the end user, without compromising product usability.

Foreign Antibacterial

These special labels were designed with a midply that acts as a surface for removable adhesive, allowing repeated opening and closing of the package. Permanent adhesive on the back of the midply prevents removal of the entire label.

Instant Redeemable

Instantly redeemable, these on-package coupons were more effective and less costly than freestanding inserts in driving brand-loyal consumers to try this beer.

Mail-In Coupon

This on-package coupon was used to provide an additional purchase incentive for parents, and to further distinguish the popular brand from others on store shelves.

Dry Peel Coupon

This dry-peel coupon was specially engineered to allow repositioning without compromising the functionality of the adhesive. A high-quality, dull matte coated paper was selected for its ability to provide good printing with screen, solvent, and water-based flexo ink systems.

Loyalty Coupon

Using a punch card promoted repeat business by providing a customer incentive and keeping Jiffy Lube contact information easily accessible.

Extended Text Mail In

With this small, on-package coupon, the manufacturer had the luxury of providing extended communication to the consumer, within a very limited area.

Instant Redeemable/Sweepstakes

This Dri Peel Coupon was actually a two-layered label, engineered to contain printed information on both sides of the outer label and on the inner label, creating three times the available space.

No-Package Label

This label exhibits the coloring and consistency of a brown paper grocery bag to convey a cozy, rustic, earthy appearance. A cold-temperature emulsion acrylic permanent adhesive was chosen for good initial tack and adhesion to a variety of substrates, including corrugated, rigid plastics, films, glass, and painted metal surfaces.

Grand Rapids Label Promo–Golf Wheel

Synthetic paper—a polypropylene film reinforced with other fillers to enhance the white, opaque surface—was used to create the look, feel, printability and fabrication of traditional papers while achieving the excellent strength and durability characteristics of plastic, and exhibiting superior print fidelity and tear resistance over paper. We treated two sides to work well with conventional offset, screen, flexographic and thermal transfer printing methods.

Carbon Filters

We used carbon blocks to design a filter that would eliminate, not mask, any unpleasant or unwanted odors inside the refrigerator.

Lexan Linerless Footage Tape

Applying with a primer and silicone to the face allowed these labels to become self-wound. Engineered to create no siliconised liner waste, this product is more environmentally friendly than normal label stock.

Additional Content Label

These tags were constructed with cast-coated gloss paper that features high strength and excellent ink receptivity, and also prints well with flexo, letterpress, screen and offset ink systems. Recommended where clean removability is of primary importance, we chose a general-purpose, removable rubber-based adhesive that offers high initial tack, internal strength and stable adhesion.

Distribution Label

This system was engineered to print a human-readable linear barcode, used to navigate the product through distribution centers. Topcoated for high-quality printing and for use where a ribbon is required, our thermal transfer label is available in solid colors, with borders, and in many sizes.

Plastic Pallet Logistics

Printed on synthetic paper with high opacity that prevents light from passing through, this label has a super-smooth white matte surface, may be adhered, sewn or grommetted, and features high scuff-, tear-, and weather-resistance characteristics. Produced under ISO 9000 standards.

Wine Bottle Label

This label was digitally printed on estate label material using four-color process, and then overcoated for scuff protection.

Glacier Water

The elegant sophistication of silver type against a matte black background was beautifully achieved by printing solid black ink over a silver foil label, creating the perfect complement to this pure, rare premium water in a glass bottle.

Root Beer 2 Liter Label

We used biaxially oriented polypropylene stock to provide the additional strength and clarity that is perfect for full wraparound flexible packaging.

No-Label Look for Glass

Clear polypropylene was chosen for: excellent resistance to shrinkage, moisture, humidity and product contents; film clarity that is ideal for achieving a no-label look on glass; and surface smoothness allowing for optimum ink laydown.

Beer Bottle Label

This digitally printed label offers: improved print surface for rich, deep graphics; bright white appearance for improved ink snap and contrast; high opacity for cover-up applications; blue-white shade to keep pace with consumer shelf-appeal trends; and excellent stiffness for reliable dispensing.

That's One Bad Ass Label

We used a premium finish with an acrylic topcoat and metallized paper with a highly reflective silver appearance to create the metallic look of this digitally produced label. The flexible paper facestock is an ideal choice for demanding tight wraps or small mandrel applications, while the rubber-based adhesive offers high initial tack and ultimate bond strength to a wide variety of substrates, including treated glass.

Wine Bottle Label

We created this label using a semigloss, bright, blue-white 60# supercalendered paper designed to bridge the gap between low- and high-end process printing, up to 175 line screen. This sheet prints well with water-based flexo, UV flexo, and UV letterpress inks. It has improved smoothness while maintaining strength for good converting and dispensing.

Attention Grabbing Label

The perfect alternative for rigid and flexible packaging applications, holographic film presents a plethora of traditional, full-color combinations. Microembossing holographic images onto the very thin, flexible plastic film creates microgrooves that cause the diffraction of regular white light into spectral coloring.

Gold Label

This label featured a blue-white shade and mirror-smooth finish with excellent ink receptivity, then applied with a gold heat stamp.

That's One Sweet Label

We printed these on Raflacoat stock, an ideal choice for high-quality, multicolor labels that require good print definition and fine detail with an unmatched digital on-press performance.

Metalized Foil Label

These labels were created using metalized foil, chosen for its ability to provide the glossy metallic appearance of an aluminum foil at a reduced weight and cost. The coating reduces permeability of the film to light, water and oxygen, while the properties of the film—such as higher toughness, heat sealability, and lower density at a lower cost than aluminum foil—remain.

That's one Hot Label

Chosen for its very high clarity, strength and stability for superior converting and dispensing performance, this facestock is topcoated to ensure superior results for a broad set of printing methods. The acrylic adhesive provided excellent adhesion and a broad service temperature range, while meeting FDA 21 CFR 175.105 for indirect food contact.

Semigloss Digital Label

Printed on a digital topcoat, this label was created using supercalendered, coated one-side semigloss paper.

Semigloss Digital Label

Printed on a digital topcoat, this label was created using supercalendered, coated one-side semigloss paper.

Locally Grown Produce Label

Bright, lignin-free semigloss face paper was combined with general-purpose acrylic permanent adhesive, suitable for use on flexible packaging. Once applied, RP51 provides excellent cold performance.

Packaged Herb Label

These high-quality, multicolor labels requiring superior print definition and fine detail were created using multipurpose, lignin-free, on-machine coated, supercalendered, semigloss paper.

Packaged Herb Label

These high-quality, multicolor labels requiring superior print definition and fine detail were created using multipurpose, lignin-free, on-machine coated, supercalendered, semigloss paper.

Squeezable Label

We combined precise artwork, brand copy and product information with special die cuts to match the packaging shape for an exceptional primary point of display.

Hot Sauce Label

Demonstrating true printing versatility, this facestock was chosen for its excellent on-press performance with digital, resulting in exceptionally eye-catching, multicolored labels.

Mold Breaker Label

We chose a heat set, biaxially oriented, coextruded polypropylene film with good opacity and a bright white high-gloss background to create this label. The surface was topcoated for superior printability by UV and water-based flexographic, gravure, silkscreen and letterpress processes using a wide variety of inks. The facestock provided excellent moisture resistance, as well as good die-cutting and dispensing characteristics.

Fabric Softener Label

We designed this label to exhibit excellent wetout characteristics and short-term removability. To provide the superior, lasting performance required by this squeezable container, we used a clear, general-purpose permanent acrylic adhesive that offers a balance of high cohesive strength and adhesion to low surface-energy substrates.

Fabric Softener Label/Extended Text

We chose from the industry's premium white prime label films for the ultimate in high-performance labeling technology. Flexible, opaque white coextruded polyolefin film provides a no-label look on white containers. Smooth surface characteristics allow for bold, vibrant graphics, while environmentally friendly facestock provides compatibility with polyolefin-based containers.

Body Mist Label

A general-purpose, permanent emulsion adhesive delivers improved performance for prime film labeling applications such as this. Compared to previous offerings, this next generation acrylic-based adhesive provides higher adhesion and tack, improved repositionability, higher sheer, excellent wetout, and improved water resistance.

Mouthwash Label

Versatile with bright, sharp images, 11-color design, and no migration of inks, pressure sensitive film labels like these are an inexpensive way to create an eye-catching, dynamic appearance that endures in harsh environments.

Sore Throat Lozenge Label

We selected a polyolefin stock to give this label excellent durability with some moisture resistance. A freezer-grade acrylic adhesive was used to provide high initial tack, good clarity and adhesion when applied at temperatures as low as 0°F, as well as excellent processing characteristics and exceptional adhesion to a wide variety of substrates with moderate resistance to water and humidity.

Antacid Tablet Label

Tamper evident labels made unauthorized access to the contents of the plastic bottle easily detected.

Lipstick Label

This label was created using a bright gold, smooth, high-gloss litho designed for high-quality printing, high-speed converting and dispensing. Excellent for UV flexo, it virtually eliminates slitter dust.

Eye Shadow Label

For this label we chose a cast-coated gloss paper featuring high strength and excellent ink receptivity. The ultra-clear biaxially oriented polypropylene liner was a cost-effective solution for the prime labeling needs of the health and beauty aid market.

Vitamin Bottle Label

Artwork and layout was designed in-house as a presentation sample for current customer to show off the facestock as well as built in security features. Due to the nature of the security features, we can not share further information about the customer or the label's functionality.

Pet Tablet Label

We chose a supercalendered, lightweight, coated facestock with a black, opaque barrier coating for use as a cover-up stock, offering a balance of economy and performance. With optimized opacity, brightness, smoothness, and gloss, this sheet was designed to excel at today's 133/150 line screen standard for water-based, UV flexographic, and UV letterpress color process printing.

Pet Water Label

Print-skinned white biaxially oriented polypropylene film for rigid containers was used for durability where needed most. The surface was optimized for printing pressure-sensitive labels on our HP Indigo digital press.

Suet Cake Label

Midgloss label paper and bright, lignin-free semigloss face paper was paired with a hotmelt adhesive to create the perfect solution for flexible packaging.

Suet Cake Label

Midgloss label paper and bright, lignin-free semigloss face paper was paired with a hotmelt adhesive to create the perfect solution for flexible packaging.

Suet Cake Label

Midgloss label paper and bright, lignin-free semigloss face paper was paired with a hotmelt adhesive to create the perfect solution for flexible packaging.

De-Icer Label

We chose two-sided white cavitated polypropylene designed for high-speed die cutting and matrix stripping, matched with a clear, permanent adhesive specially designed for filmic facestocks, and offering superior adhesion properties to a multitude of substrates, including untreated polyethylene materials. Good water and heat resistance ensures compatibility with a wide range of label stocks, while an acrylic dispersion adhesive offers excellent clarity and initial tack properties in addition to UV stability.

GRL Promo Tamper Evident Flat Label

On the cutting edge of fraud prevention, this hot stamp security label with hologram application is among the many cost-effective solutions we offer to combat growing threats in today's market.

Peel Off Game Piece

This complicated job included actually lending our account executives to the casino's development teams. As experts, they proved invaluable in contending with the constantly changing regulations and security considerations of printing game pieces.

Sweepstakes Decoder

Completed within a challenging timeline, with a red reveal panel, this highly customized job integrated the features for complex web routing.

Peel Off Game Board Piece

Implementing special procedures and systems enabled us to help our customer protect the integrity of this random-chance promotional program.

Shoe Lotion Ad

We created a solution-based 3D label for this magazine ad in a very short time frame—after our competitors said it couldn't be done.

Customer Loyalty Card Insert

This special magazine insert featured an on-page piece to create incentive for in-store purchases.

Grand Rapids Label Promo–Sale

To draw attention to a special promotion or sale pricing, nothing beats the impact of strategically placed, in-store.

Shoe Shelf Talker

With their bright colors, strong graphics and fluid movement, these shelf talkers offer brand recognition and appeal that virtually taps customers on the shoulder and says, "Look at me!"

GR Label Promo–Promote Your Product At Store Level

Specially created shelf talkers like these can be custom-cut to match the unique design of the product, resulting in a cohesive brand appearance and strong, in-store presence.

Optional Adhesive Shelf Talker

Designed to snap into a display shelf, these shelf talkers also have a reusable adhesive that enables them to be mounted on other in-store surfaces.

Ice Cream Sleeve and Lid

These frozen novelty sleeves and lids were produced in a controlled environment and created to withstand harsh freezer conditions. Grand Rapids Label upholds Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) requirements.

Ice Cream Sleeve and Lid

These frozen novelty sleeves and lids were produced in a controlled environment and created to withstand harsh freezer conditions. Grand Rapids Label upholds Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) requirements.

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