Creating customized, cost-effective solutions is what we're known for.

Printing labels of any type, for any application or container, is only one of many services we provide. Grand Rapids Label is also a development company, holding nearly 20 patents. We’re known for our customized, cost-effective solutions and systems, tailored to the unique and exacting requirements of customers across all industries. Whether we’re printing, converting, testing, conducting R&D for special adhesives, or engineering and building custom machinery, we accomplish it all in-house to ensure consistent, superior quality.

At Grand Rapids Label, we’re committed to achieving excellence for our customers in everything we do, which means investing in advanced technology and new capabilities to meet and anticipate your changing needs. As we welcome the fifth generation into our company, doing what’s right for our customers is still the principle that guides us, and it’s the reason we never back away from a challenge.

Grand Rapids Label Overview

Labels that endure the harshest elements and withstand the test of time.

Solutions uniquely tailored for product, application or environment.

We’re the right company to solve your problem.


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